Vlc media player shortcut keys mac

VLC keyboard shortcuts

Jump 5 minute back or forward. Go to a specific time in the file. You can type the time in with your number keys and press Enter to go there without using the mouse. VLC also offers variable playback speed, so you can make an audio or video play back slower or faster. Decrease playback speed. Some video files have accompanying subtitles, and some have multiple different audio tracks — for example, different languages or commentary tracks.

Cycle between available audio tracks. All of these hotkeys are fully customizable. Select the Hotkeys icon in the Simple preferences view. Double-click a hotkey field to set a new hotkey.

Essential VLC Shortcuts Every User Should Know

Set your own boss key and you can make VLC automatically hide itself in the system tray with a single key press. All the hotkeys here only work while the VLC window is in focus. Double-click the Global hotkey field to the right of any hotkey action to set a new global hotkey. Whatever you want to do with VLC, you can probably do it with a keyboard shortcut.

  1. 20 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts!
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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. You can add new buttons from the customize interface options: I have the same problem, just installed the lastest x64 VLC after a fresh Windows 10 install. Thanks for the article, is there any way to change the skip buttons on vlc player on both sides of the stop button?

1. Space Bar to Play or Pause

I want to change it to medium forward jump instead, is there any way to do this? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

All Keyboard Shortcuts: Shortcut keys for VLC media player

To do so: To edit a shortcut double click on one of those Action or Hotkey. Press the key combination to change it. For example press Ctrl and K key together or just K key. If the shortcut is already used up then a warning is displayed.

Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player!!

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