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Current Department. Computer Components. Computer External Components. External Optical Drives. External Blu-ray Drives. Other Departments. Musical Instruments. Office Products. Pet Supplies. Video Games. Top rated products in External Blu-ray Drives. By Animo. I love this device I was about to return it because it would detect the drive but would not load any volumes of media. I could not get it to detect a writable cd-r or a pre-burned disc either. It has a short cable.

I had plugged it into an old USB extension. Probably a 1. That was causing havoc. Lucky I have an UPS battery sitting in front of my tower that puts the unit cable in range of the front connector. I direct connected to that port and the drive detected my burnable media immediately. It burned the mb of videos to the cd very quickly. Read more. By fjfgjfgjfgjfgjfgfjf. Flawless performance. Highly recommended. It will be really useful for this projects I have in mind. The item was able to be shipped a few days earlier then I had anticipated. If I have further use, I will definitely look through this shop again.

The quality seems comparable to what I have purchased in the past. By fjfgjfjgjfgj. I need an external dvd drive and burner for quite sometime because my laptop drive was not working anymore and I have no plan to buy a new one. So when I saw this drive I was happy and order it immediately after some research. The drive size is small, handy and good quality. It operates perfectly, easy to use and it is less weight easy to carry around.

This is really a perfect DVD drive that I am looking for. Great Product!! By dfhfhdfhdfhfh. See all customer reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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By Asus. I purchased a pair of them for this purpose and needed to reburn the firmware to make them ready UHD blurays once again. If you are late to the game, the manufactures of all these UHD friendly drives started rolling out firmware to spin the disc down when it detects UHD media so you have to downgrade the firmware to make it work with UHD discs if you recently purchase this drive.

Whatever you do, make sure you know what you are doing before you downgrade the firmware, you cannot just reflash firmware you find on the web into the drive since you have to "port" the calibration date with the firmware. So you have to pull the firmware off you drive, merge it with "clean" and older firmware, then overwrite the firmware.

By TheCrazyCanuck. No problems so far but This is a faster-rated drive in every aspect but burns slower. Sure maybe it's just a media quirk but that is kind of lame that old tech is faster. My version shipped with FW 3. According to toptenreview. I would use the free Star Burn disc burning software to burn all your discs.

By Nightmare Jester. By PiAEK. Also works great on reading bluray, which the Apple drive cannot do. It's a more flimsy build than the rock solid Apple drive, but it does the job well at an amazingly low price for a bluray burner. I also have tried a 3D Blu-ray disk and it worked! Well pleased with product. By Heather Natale.

Works as Advertised. I could not use it from my iMac only because I have been unable to find a program that Apple supports to burn from their operating systems so still searching for that. By Claire Miller. Do what it should. Overall, a great, compact drive with a sturdy aluminum housing. Is detected immediately and integrated in the system. Although not quite quiet, but that will hardly be possible in a miniature housing otherwise, for the sake of missing insulation and damping options.

For me, "silent" was not a purchase criterion, but the flexible compact all-rounder! The piaek drive, I can recommend without reservation and would buy it again at any time. By Kirk James. By Plethora7. When it spins up, you have to put the external player on a flat surface.

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The first time I tried it mine was not on a flat surface and it started to make a vibrating noise. Then I made sure it was on a flat surface and it worked wonderfully. I like that the drive flips open instead of using a slide out drawer or a disc insert slot. This makes it very easy to clean the drive and should make it easier to remove discs in case of a malfunction though I have not had any problems.

The drive is very fast and stable and does not run into buffering issues like I have seen in some of the other drives I have worked with. By DavidNM. I liked the first so much that I ordered a second one to make copying disks easier. A nice plus is the included software suite on an included CD. The only draw back is the the software is older versions and you have to go to the maker's web site to download a more current version of the various software.

It comes with a pig-tail USB plug in case you need to draw power from two USB ports, but I have only had to use one which is why I ordered the second drive. By Amazon Customer. By LG. I think is safe to say this machine has performed beautifully! Looks and works like new As a film student and movie buff i have way too many blurays laying around, I have an entire bookcase for them.

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I bought this to backup my collection and I must say I'm impressed. Was packaged and looked brand new when I ppened it, had been working flawlessly. I waited to do this review until I used it a bit, and after over copies, I think is safe to say this machine has performed beautifully! By TranscendArtist. Thing works like a charm. I have been digitizing my media library, and needed something that could read blu-rays. By Weston George.

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I found it very difficult to find an external Blue Ray that works with Windows. Generally they are all Apple products that 'say' they can work on Windows. This LG was plug-n-play.

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    Best cd drives for mac. Best dvd burners for imac. Next page. Small, easy to use, easily portable. A great little device. I purchased this so I could use Vudu's disc-to-digital service and upload my BluRay collection into my digital library.

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    It did exactly what I needed it to do. Just plug it in to a USB port and it's ready to go! By MikeInVegas. Works Great-Windows 10 Works great for burning blu-ray. Easy to set up and use. The software that is included with it to play blu-ray movies is from It is cyberlink power DVD I unistalled it upgraded to the new pro 15 version, which is way better. It is on sale for 50 bucks for just the player, or 60 for the player and 2 other software add on's that are great. There are several other's out there. Just look online for Windows 10 blu-ray software. There are 2 usb plugs on this unit one for power the other for data.

    So far with my new laptop. W10 with usb 3. If you have usb 2. Mine is running off an external usb 3. By bkeaAZ! Slow at Blu-ray Ripping I bought this for exactly one reason: I was assuming it would be faster at ripping than my six!!! We are here to spare you from the overwhelming experience of trying to find a good product worth your money, considering how there are endless options to choose from. So, allow us to present to you our top picks that may be just what you need for your personal use. This is why there are some computers that no longer have optical drives since manufacturers are aware of the fact that saving and storing files in the cloud appeal to more and more users.

    However, this is not the case for all people, and there are those who are still interested in listening to music or watching movies while offline. Storing data using an external drive is also more comforting for some individuals as this can prevent them from dealing with hacking issues that are indeed inevitable. Aside from the lightning burning speed and exceptional quality that comes with it, your files are secure and well-protected at all times.

    This comes with a double data security for outstanding protection along with disc encryption. You can expect the most robust and ever-reliable data backup solution for your needs. You can get an increased level of storage from a BluRay disc format, as compared to what a DVD format can offer. This is important when you have quite a large file to store such as a bunch of movies, music, and data.

    With the USB 2. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the security of your data. We like how easy it is to use this external BluRay drive. In fact, upon logging on to Vudu and inserting our BluRay disc, the reading process is done instantly. Completing our movie conversions has never been this fast and easy with this robust and efficient drive.

    If you need a dependable BluRay player and DVD external drive, then you can get these in this nifty unit. Just connect the external drive using the USB 3. Simply plug and play without having to use a driver or AC adapter. Downloading of the drivers is not a problem with this device. It has a USB 3.

    The major drawback to this external blue ray writer is that it does not come with any software. You have to get your own software from another quality source. The external drive is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Check the instructions to find all the operating systems it is compatible with.

    Check the warranty claims as well before purchasing this unit. Powered by a Panasonic combo drive, works with either USB 3. It will not burn any information to your blue ray DVDs. This aluminum made external drive will work with most up to date operating systems. Check the package to find out which ones work best with this system. It is bundled with a Cyberlink Media Suite custom software but not the retail version.

    A 4MB buffer is added to the discs. It will work with a USB 3. If you are not a computer whiz, a few helpful tips will come in handy. To find one of the top best external blue ray drive in you will need to understand the basic technical language. Here are those tips:. Technology has a way of making computer equipment better. Upgrading to a blue ray writer is not that difficult. Especially when you are moving up to one of the top best external blue ray drive in You get great versatility, compatibility, and quality with each blue ray writer.

    Just make sure you understand all the technical language and what these units are capable of doing.

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