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You can set Flash Video Downloader to shut down once all downloads are completed. However this tool doesn't offer any choice of formats you can save in. It only downloads in FLV format. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac combines a video converter, editor, player and downloader. This downloader is one of the best tool offered on the market with its high performance of saving and converting of videos.

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Thanks to this versatility you can play your videos on any device you'd like. Flash Video format that is highly popular today despite the appearance of many other cutting-edge technologies is a container for electronic video content available on the web. This format developed by Adobe Systems is usually used for online videos on different web resources like YouTube, Hulu, Vevo, Google Video as well as many other streaming sites.

If you intend to download a flash video, you are going to save a video in most widely used formats F4V and FLV with the help of FLV downloader mac app.

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It determines time-based video and audio files. Unlike other Flash Video formats, F4V uses boxes for data storing, so such files are known as containers. The FLV files use the H. The FLV format is commonly used for video streaming, but it is also good for local storage and presentation.

Best 5 Flash Mac download apps for FLV/F4V/SWF files

To play them you can use Flash Player that works good for various browsers. Top choice. VideoDuke 4. Olga Weis 5 Nov at VideoDuke for Mac. OS X Version 1. Other solutions.

Flash Video Downloader for Mac - Download

Download Purchase. Flash download on Mac with browsers Depending on which web browser you are using there are several ways to download Flash videos on your Mac. Download flash Mac with Safari browser. Video DownloadHelper extension. This was a quick quide on the best Flash video downloader apps and services for Mac.

Choose any that works best for you and don't hesitate to comment below if we missed some great Flash video download Mac app. It is capable of escalating speed for your video downloading by up to five times. It can process audio content on the MP3 format and video content on the MP4 format.

This is more than a downloading tool because it can convert videos as well. It is capable of downloading HD videos, converts videos to several formats and comes with user-friendly interfaces. If you want to download videos freely and stream later then YouTube Downloader is the best choice.

Top 22 Free FLV Downloader for Mac and Windows

This FLV Video Downloader for Firefox works by running a scan for any videos available online alongside their links for easy downloading. The FLV downloader window will also display sizes of the searched files to allow you choose the one that suits downloading. To download any video, you just need to click on the link and it will save to your computer automatically.

This downloading tool is superior and dominant enough to download FLV videos at very high speeds. It draws high downloading speeds from key features including segmentation algorithm, connection reuse and data compression. It has no difficulties integrating with different browsers. It does not have any spyware thus a highly secured downloader. Installation instructions are very simple and will take a matter of seconds to compete.

There is the option of downloading a trial version to last for 30 days. It will help you download both audio and video files from many online sites without difficulties. The download will come with links regardless of the video format. Its biggest advantage is that this downloader can filter any advertisements on the video that you don't want.

Part 2. Top 11 FLV Downloader for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.

There is always a button on YouTube videos indicating that they can be downloaded in MP4 format. You can download files with as many formats as possible once available online. This downloader is advantageous in that you can have a preview of the videos prior to downloading. With this downloader, there will be no need to use a flash since all that is done away with. The downloader coverts all video files into a friendly HTML5 tag which offers a lowered usage for central processing unit.

How to Download Flash Videos on Mac OS X

All internal advertisements are equally filtered out by this downloader. It allows the user to choose his or her best video format as well as file quality. Downloading is very fast and will open any type of video regardless of format. This downloader has one of the fastest speeds for video downloading and conversion. It is absolutely free to download videos and is well compatible with very many formats.