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This resolved some issues with the missing features but syncing takes forever and usually crashes. Is there a solution? Have tried to download the Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 update — It will not download — have tried multiple times. Would you please provide a web link so I can try the download from there.

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After reading posts on this site, should I NOT update? Seems like there are problems! Everything had been working fine for me until I tried the update. I posted earlier but I uninstalled and reinstalled FTM and tried to install the update again but the same thing happened. Now my FTM will not connect to the internet. Is there a way to connect back to the internet without it? Posted by Tana L. Pedersen on March 4, in Family Tree Maker.

Improved backup and restore. With this update, you can back up a synced tree and restore it if you have any problems. Synced Web links. Printable sync log. Now you can print a list of all the changes that will be made to your online tree. New Features More reports. This update includes a number of new reports: New report options. The descendant and Ahnentafel reports have been updated and the descendant report includes additional numbering systems. New sorting options have also been added to the custom report. Organizational tool for places.

The larger your tree gets, the more locations you have to keep track of. On the Places workspace, locations are now grouped together by country, state, county, and city to make them easier to look at and sort through. Share Tweet Share Pin Email. March 5, at March 5, at 4: March 5, at 3: Best Regards Morten Aasberg. March 5, at 5: March 5, at 6: March 5, at 7: Hello, Trevor Thank you for the response. Best regards Morten Aasberg. March 6, at March 5, at 8: Think of it this way Imagine you have a row of books on a library shelf.

There is a lot more to it, but this may give you an idea.

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It is worth compacting the database regularly as it makes it more efficient. It also reindexes the internal tables which also makes it work better John D. March 5, at 9: March 8, at 9: March 11, at 1: March 10, at 6: I am very up set,also 81 years old, trying to finish my family tree before I die or go blind. The update causes FTMM2 to crash upon opening after installation. Anyone else having this problem? Hi Agnes, I hope you keep trying to work on your tree. The update caused FTMM2 to crash on my computer too.


Now I am unable to open Family Tree Maker 2, and get the message that the application may be damaged or incomplete. I think FTMM2 needs another update already. My tree will not stay linked. Bought FTM mid December and put it on my laptop.

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Laptop has crashed—stone cold DEAD. Also, why do I keep getting thrown off the site when attaching docs to my tree, when I use my iPad? Bet I was thrown off 15 times last night. Cannot add notes. Notes that were previously there disappear; notes, if you could add them, do not synch with ancestry. Unacceptable and dishonest! I love the sync feature if it works. Since the update I have not been able to compact my file.

I have also contacted ftm about a major problem with the software which is that upon importing into a new file your files are MOVED not copied from their original location and put into the FTM Media file. And over Media files and year of hard work were destroyed with this. I was not contacted until almost two weeks after my email to FTM. Their response is below NOTE: When you load a family tree file into Family Tree Maker, depending on the way you import the file into the Family Tree Maker program, the media will either be linked from where it is or saved into the Family Tree Maker folder.

If you have any or all of the media on your computer somewhere, then you can load that media back into Family Tree Maker following the steps on the website below. If a computer technician is able to recover that media, then you should be able to plug in your flash drive again so that the program loads the media. Once that happens, we recommend making a backup of the file and selecting to include the media, then you can restore that file and all of the media will be included in your Family Tree Maker folder on your computer. Answer Title: I had to delete the FTM Media file because my file would get stuck and then I would reopen it and it would no longer be linked.

Also another problem is that I have not found a way to delete a source from a fact. The problem with that is the source then gets moved to an no source-citation: Unlinked file. Now I have over of those and there is not an easy process such as the old Undocumented Fact report to delete them! Correction to my NOTE: So you have to delete the file and relink to Ancestry by downloading it again and again. You MUST sync every time you make any changes immediately so at least your Ancestry file will be up to date! You really cannot manipulate your Media with files like renaming files or really just looking at them or it will crash.

It would be nice if Ancestry would allow you to save your files in a Small size setting. Alot of the census media files are 2 and 3 mb! That is way too big to be located in one directory. It would be nice if I could organize the files into groups of sources such as Census, Death, Tombstones, Photos etc. That way not all the Media files would be in one directory. I tried doing that but you have to rename every file and it is a tedious process. There were several times it would just stop processing and then I would have to start the process all over!

That takes awhile too with alot of media files. But I have s of unlinked sources that were created just from importing. Also marriage facts are duplicated unecessarily because of the link between two people. And of course try and find help online just for FTM for Mac. Everything is for FTM or older. So over all my experience has been pretty awful with FTM for Mac2!

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How do I get rid of the Family Tree Maker advertising? I can go past it by adding the extra step of clicking Search All Records above it each time it jumps in my way when doing research. I tried installing the update twice and I crashed as well. The fix has some problems! I bought the newest version of FTM for Mac.

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 Update Is Available – Ancestry Blog

Installation went well, but to access my trees, I had to change the format. I changed the name to distinguish between the two. When the trees sync, it synced both versions. I cannot figure out how to delete the old version. Could use help cleaning this up. I get regular emails to buy FTM2 for Mac previously had windows version but based on customers reviews I will not be purchasing it. So advice to Ancestry is take note of your customers, I may be like numerous others do not buy your product. It loaded onto my brand new iMac easily. Downloaded the update immediately; no problems.

Took a while for my ancestry. I do have my trees divided up into manageable chunks, not giant trees with 5, individuals so maybe that helps. I just wanted to add my two cents here. This is very amazing blog and information provided by the article of this blog is really nice and useful and i would like to visit the blog again. It must be updated before and will not, then, be compatible with the earlier version for Mac. My file is still beeing updated after ten hours. Back to FTM for Mac and ask for a refund.

The wide majority of our users have a very positive experience with the software and with TreeSync.

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