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With python2 it serves domain3. With python3 it never serves it, just quits after the CTRL-C and browser is "spinning" waiting for the file. Let me know if you need more. There seems to be a similar issue on windows: A test with wget seems to support this. On some level I guess I wonder about the usefulness of simple web servers if they choke on very basic website requests from modern browsers. Martin Panter martin.

A quick and simple webserver in Mac OS X

This only accepts one connection at a time, and waits for the SimpleHTTPRequestHandler class to finish handling each TCP connection before shutting it down and waiting for the next one. This prevents the simple TCPServer from accepting new connections. What is probably happening is the browser is trying to make one request e. Having multiple host names pointing to the same server is not going to help; perhaps the browser does not realize that the two connections are to the same TCP server or that it could reuse the old connection. A simple workaround would be to use the socketserver. Each TCP connection will then be handled in a background thread.

The mixed-in TCPServer will not wait for the handler, and will accept concurrent connections.

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But it requires subclassing and overriding some methods with custom code, and probably depends on deeper knowledge of how the classes work than is specified in the documentation. There may be something else going on. Perhaps it is holding a TCP connection open without making any request at all, and then trying to open a second connection. David Murray r.

How to Use Python ‘SimpleHTTPServer’ to Create Webserver or Serve Files Instantly

These classes are designed to be composable, so it should be up to the library user whether or not to use threads. You must be signed in to comment.

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That way others can gain from your CLI wisdom and you from theirs too. All commands can be commented on, discussed and voted up or down.

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Share Your Commands. Share the current tree over the web. Simple way to share a directory over http without touching your router. Ergo browsing 'pacman' queries Arch. Every new command is wrapped in a tweet and posted to Twitter. Following the stream is a great way of staying abreast of the latest commands. For the more discerning, there are Twitter accounts for commands that get a minimum of 3 and 10 votes - that way only the great commands get tweeted. Navigate to the project directory in the terminal and do that command.

Then http: It can be very useful to spin up a quick server. Oh man. Where has this been all my life.

This has been an immense time-saver for me, being able to spin up a standalone server for any given directory, pass some parameters — boom, local server to test on. Thanks for posting this!

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You need npm to install http-server, and to run that npm command you need npm, and to have npm installed you need Node: Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get the CSS-Tricks newsletter.

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