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Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to provide social media functions and to analyse our traffic. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. I am trying to connect my Skyliner p telescope SynScan hand control to my Mac pro via rj11 to serial connecter female to serial connector male to usb port similar cable as attached picture.

CH340 CH341 serial adapters fix for El Capitan OS X

Although eventually I rebuilt my machine using a bootcamp partition as all of my other bits cameras, filters etc run natively on windows. It can be done natively on a Mac built to do so is beyond me. I suggest you use the search function on this forum for 'EQMAC' as a starting point but as a Mac user myself I would consider other options. Such connectivity is rarer than rocking horse do do in my experience. Took me 2 days to get my CCD to function. Even with parallels I still get lots of problems.

Serial to USB adapter for routers - Cisco Community

Windows machine is very much on the Christmas list! Although I cannot help you with your current issues I do feel your pain! Hope you get things sorted. I don't use it myself so can't vouch for how well it works You're definitely talking about connecting the handset here, as opposed to connecting to the control electronics on the mount? The fact that you've installed both the CH and PL drivers seems odd to me.

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Are you unsure which one is in the converter you have? It really looks like a can of worms but frustratingly interesting. I'm lost with the drivers. I was clutching at straws and may have followed the wrong guidance re: If you're not sure it's possible that you can find out by going to the hardware section of the system information and displaying all the stuff there about USB devices. I have no idea what it will say, but hopefully you can work out which one it is.

I have looked and I'm getting the following I guess the next steps is to find out how to configure the device whack I guess is referring to the USBSerial cable? Product ID: Vendor ID: Location ID: Current Available mA: Current Required mA: Unknown Device has not been configured. Well, 1a It may be a better source even if the driver version is the same, some download sites can be corrupted or damaged in some way, so It could be worth installing from here You may need to set the Baud Rate and Data bit pattern to suit Stellarium before you can get control No thats the driver I've downloaded.

I'm I being premature in feeling optimistic about this? I bought a cable from Maplins with the PL chip and now my Mac Pro can see the scope in the configuration window The only problem I'm working on now is that the when clicking on an object on Stellarium the Mac will not move the telescope. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Question 1 year ago on Step 2.

I ran this step without having Yosemite, then restarted. Anyone familiar with solutions? Upon restart my Mac remained off. Ou ou. How can I revert that?

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On Sierra with a MBP 5,1. Reply 1 year ago. I can't get this working with Windows 10 - I run the install for the driver then Windows takes over and tries to load its own drivers - then I keep getting Code 31 in device manager on the nano. I am running Mac Sierra, and after following your instructions, installing the driver and running the boot command "csrutil enable --without kext" listed below, my Mac now kernel panics and reboots when plugging the Arduino Nano into the USB port.

What do I do now? How do I uninstall the driver? Reply 2 years ago.

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  8. I got it to work on Sierra with this: By samuelabc Follow. More by the author: Hello, My name is Samuel, I am a student. I love micro controllers like arduino, they are my favorite interest. I also do geocaching, a worldwide treasure hunt game. I hope you enjoy my instructables!

    #102 Mac OS - Instalação dos Drivers para CH340 e CP210x

    Open terminal 2. Once done, restart your computer. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Crazy Circuits: Arduino Class. Reply Upvote. Southerner 8 months ago. I went to http: JonathonT 9 months ago. PaulH Question 1 year ago on Step 2. Answer Upvote. JesseS 1 year ago. So helpful If your running Sierra or later get your driver here: Driver installation complete This worked first try for me thanks to all of you.