Mac os x create network bridge

A network bridge connects two separate computer networks, allowing them to communicate with each other and expand the overall network reach.

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Two bridged networks can communicate with each other, and they act as one however, you cannot bridge two networks together and expect to combine their speed. For example, if you combine a 20Mbps connection with another 20Mbps connection, you will not get 40Mbps download speed. A network bridge works on the second layer of the OSI model where data transfer occurs between adjoining nodes. A repeater is like a signal amplifier; it listens for incoming signal, boosts it , and sends it down the line to be heard. A bridge on the other hand listens to the incoming signal, understands where it comes from and where it needs to go, and only directs it accordingly.

Click the 'Internet' tab. Click 'Start'.

How to extend your wireless network by turning a Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot

A message will state "You are connected to the Internet over AirPort. This connection will be shared with computers connected to Built-in Ethernet. I say devices because I am thinking that they could be a printer, PS2, etc. Reboot if you are using Mac OS 9.

What Is a Network Bridge and How to Make One

You're done! Surf the net on you wired Ethernet computers! I can now have my own wired network that is connected to the Internet without stringing any wires to connect to my landlord's network or the WAN! This wiring method has a number of interesting possible uses, including: Protect your sub-net with the new Have your neighbour share your Internet connection with their neighbour using another hardware or software AirPort basestation and so on for a wireless neighbourhood!

Some of these uses may violate the terms of your contract for internet services; you might wish to read your paperwork before attempting to do some of these things!

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What Is a Network Bridge and How to Make One

As the first link's response post says, "I cannot fathom what it is you are trying to do here. As the first link did, I am afraid that I have to suggest to look up 'network bridge' if you're not familiar with the concept. As a simplified summary, i want to use a Mac as a sort of hub. Time to reevaluate answers, since the accepted one is from Etienne Dechamps Etienne Dechamps 1, 2 14 The answer I was looking for.